How to Make Your Real Estate Blog Popular Quickly

Real estate marketing is very different nowadays from many years ago. Your main marketing exposure starts from online appearances with websites, blogs and forums which you have to spend more time than putting your sign in front of your office or putting your special advertisement on local newsletters. Your blog posts have to be uninterruptedly, more specific about the area and some of them may be more detailed about only one topic about real estate.

Most of the Real Estate agents who are starting or seasoned bloggers are having hard time to find a topic to write on their real estate blogs. Here is an idea about finding new topics for your real estate blog looking at your blog from another pair of eyes like your buyers, sellers, neighbors or who is new to the area may give you tremendously different topics to write about easily. Think about what they may want to learn or what they are more likely be interested in the area, roads, special events, parks, recreation centers, fitness centers, kids clubs, schools, builders, schedules, new restaurants etc.

Starting a new blog is very easy with free popular blog platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot, Blogger and many others that you can easily find and start writing immediately about your area. I am sure most of you have seen or read about the saying that the content is the king which is a good explanation of what others are going to look at your blog rather than the platform, colors, plug-ins you choose. These are of course important however having an original content gives you the most exposure than the other details that you might spent a lot of time to try.

Another good topic would be the market statistics in your local area; you can easily receive updates from your local realtor association. You may even find charts and information about the specific areas you and your clients might be interested in.

Putting pictures on your blog gives more idea to the new residents about the subdivisions, building styles and even landscape designs of the area. Putting high – resolution pictures may change your blogs uploading time from others; choose your pictures around mid-size resolutions so that your followers will not have problems in the future.

When you choose your topics specifically the area oriented you will see more people looking forward to reading your postings from that specific area which gives you more exposure that you are expecting.

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